It was inevitable for Nadeem Group to venture into the hospitality sector, with its intrinsic passion to always create special events and living experiences for all its stakeholders, including employees, partners, and friends of the group. Voted amongst the top 10% of all restaurant worldwide by Tripadvisor Traverler’s Choice 2021, our restaurant BluCabana is a leading F&B venue in Abuja where a cosmopolitan clientele enjoy great food and fun vibes. Our hotel services include all the quality, comfort, and safety amenities for business travellers and tourists alike. We are currently building the first-ever mega water park in Abuja that includes the latest water technology, water rides, and a complex of restaurants and fitness venues.

Life is precious and we are passionate about making the most out of each the hospitality experiences that we offer, as we genuinely enjoy creating unforgettable moments.

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