Adiabo Bridge

Nadeem Group executed the construction of Adiabo bridge while it was a majority shareholder at Setraco Nigeria Limited.The broad Calabar River is one of Nigeria’s most infamous waterways, employed by colonial powers of previous centuries for its depth and breadth. With the construction of the Adiabo Bridge, Nigeria reclaims the river to expand the transport of goods for commerce throughout its coastal region, as well as to create new opportunities for tourism.

The bridge construction is straightforward. Mobile cranes launched a series of 20-meter precast beams for its substructure, which then rest on 1300 millimeter diameter bored piles. The piles, driven into the riverbed, were erected by barges in the Calabar.

Nevertheless, the numbers testify to the monumental task: over 1,000,000 cubic meters of earthwork; 80,000 tons of stone base; 700,000 square meters of surface dressing; 700,000 tons of concrete; and 60,000 tons of asphalt.

Location: Calabar, Nigeria
Client: Federal Ministry of Works
Activity: Civil Construction and Infrastructure
Project Value: USD 23.5 million
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