Bauchi International Airport

Bauchi International Airport transforms access to Bauchi State. The airport boasts the second longest runway in Nigeria at 3.5 kilometers – exceeding even that of Lagos. It is a global gateway to Bauchi’s thriving agricultural industry and underdeveloped opportunities in eco-tourism. And for residents of Bauchi State, the airport serves as a launching point for religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The project included the construction of the domestic and international wings, the control tower, offices, powerhouse, gatehouses, mosque, and the firehouse that holds the six stationed fire engines (meeting international industry standards). And in the construction, Nadeem Group helped to create 2000 new jobs for Bauchi State – boosting the economy before the first plane even landed.

Location: Bauchi, Nigeria
Client: Bauchi State Government
Activity: Civil Construction and Infrastructure
Project Value: USD 75 million
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